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While holding [key] do NOT show the tip

I want the tip to be displayed most of the time. However, sometimes I want to avoid it, but only for a short while. So, I'd like to see a function "while I hold the [key] do NOT show the tip".

- drop down list with [ctrl, shift, alt] just like for "Require pressing [key] to show tip" option.
- or, check-box that reverses the function of "Require pressing [key] to show tip" option.

Logical code: It would be quite easy to just add a check-box in preferences and relate it to NOT (negation) in already existing "IF [key] is pressed" code. So, if the check-box is ticked then that IF looks like "IF [key] is NOT pressed". :)

Greg , 07.07.2011, 11:50
Idea status: scheduled


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