Extension for Opera web browser which shows image popup when hovering link that points to an image file or to image preview page
I would like to...
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Make popup stay there while mouse is over it

Make popup stay there while mouse is over the big picture, so I could save it without opening image in another tab Proposed by shionsan
sash, 30.06.2011, 06:15
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Click on link and back keeps the image permanently

I frequently use and your ImgTip is great for quickly viewing the links. However, sometimes the image is too large and I need to follow the link to be able to zoom. So, I click the link and I can see the image. But if I press...
Jarno, 10.08.2011, 13:57
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make it work with;

imgur is most used image host on and this extention is very handy for us redditors. The url format is or .png .gif etc. where xxx is random name of the image. ie.:
robin, 30.10.2011, 07:27
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How do I add support for a site?

It says in the description that "You can request support for other sites which have no direct image links or add it by yourself", but I can't figure out how or where to add a new site. Is there a guide somewhere, or could you just add support for...
Ray Valdemar, 08.08.2011, 14:38
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Add a button to load images

I know there is already an option to preload images, but that loads all images from ALL websites I visit, which is uses a lot of bandwidth. A button to load, or even toggle this function would be a very good idea. Thank you.
ven, 30.10.2011, 17:35
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While holding [key] do NOT show the tip

I want the tip to be displayed most of the time. However, sometimes I want to avoid it, but only for a short while. So, I'd like to see a function "while I hold the [key] do NOT show the tip". Implementation: - drop down list with [ctrl,...
Greg, 07.07.2011, 11:50
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Compatibility with Opera 12

Opera 12 Wahoo crashes very often with ImgTip enabled. Can you do smth with it, please?
Frostbite, 20.02.2012, 17:09
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Make it work with autopatchwork

Since v. 1.5 doesn't work well with AutoPatchWork ( - shows images only on the first page, but not on subsequent ones.
damaph, 15.10.2011, 20:55
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Only work if mouse enters from outside the element ¿O_o? (read for details)

I have the extension configured to only show the popup if the Crtl key is down. If I already have the mouse over an thumbnail and press crtl key to show the popup, nothing happens, even moving the mouse over the thumbnail, I need to move the mouse...
Zheitk, 09.07.2011, 00:46
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No Youtube, nor Picasa, nor Flicker popups

No Youtube, nor Picasa, nor Flicker popups
Deyan, 11.07.2011, 20:20
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4chan loading problem

When the page is loading on 4chan and you mouse over a thumbnail, the resulting div sticks on the page when it loads completely. Then if you mouse over the image when it loads, you'll get two copies. Worse, it will stick at the top level of the...
iopq, 10.10.2011, 12:36
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Make the popup use all available space

Right now the popup only uses the space beside or below/above the cursor which limits the size of the popup, especially if the image is in the middle of the page. Can you make it so that the image pops up in the middle, regardless of where the...
ven, 30.10.2011, 17:29
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Put the source on github so people can contribute!

If the source would be publicly available on Github (or some other social code repository site like Launchpad or Bitbucket) than it would be much easier to help add new features. Many of the features requested here would probably be trivial...
WoLpH, 27.12.2011, 00:43
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The new Design makes a problem. When i click "Show More" the images dosen´t zoom
Fm, 05.11.2012, 08:20
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Add site scripts from the open source chrome addon

You could get a lot of help by merging your extension with the excellent chrome extension. Its open source. I would love to see some of the features...
Connor, 06.01.2013, 21:19
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Add support of please.

Just return whole url without decoding. I've done that by myself, but after update changes obviously disappeared.
Andrey, 08.02.2013, 11:58